Ramakrishna Math Nagpur

Welfare & Relief Work

Free Distribution of School Uniforms and Educational Materials

To support the poor and needy students in pursuing education, educational materials like uniforms, notebooks, compass boxes, pens, school bags, etc. are provided free of charge in many schools in villages around Nagpur City. Every year, more than a thousand students benefit from this help.
In the year 2023, educational material distributed in 22 schools in 18 villages.
  • Uniforms and pens were distributed to 1,007 students.
  • Notebooks were distributed to 3,021 students.

Winter Relief:

Every year, Math distributes blankets to needy people in some villages around Nagpur city.
In the year 2023, 500 blankets were distributed.

Narayana Seva (On Sri Sri Ramakrishna Tithi Puja):

Every year, food, clothes, and other essentials (including sarees, pants, and shirts; tooth paste, tooth brush, hair oil, bathing soap, etc.) are distributed to people from slum areas on the occasion of Sri Ramakrishna Tithi Puja. 

Free Eye Camps

The Math has organized three free eye camps at villages Pachgaon, Vadoda, and Kanhan (nearly 35–40 km away from Nagpur) for the poor and needy. In these camps, 685 patients were examined and treated. Spectacles were given to 522 patients, and cataract operations were performed on 143 patients.

Relief Work

The Math undertakes instant relief operations for the needy during natural calamities and man-made disasters. Primary relief operations are undertaken immediately by providing food, clothing, utensils, etc. Subsequently, secondary relief and rehabilitation work is undertaken to help the affected victims.

Math actively took part in providing food and some essential things to the needy in the COVID-19 pandemic (coronavirus), maintaining the COVID norms and instructions issued by the government.