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The library that was started in a small room with only 50 books in 1932 is now housed in a spacious building with 60,000 books, including valuable reference books. It contains books on philosophy, religion, education, culture, literature, sociology, history, arts, science, biographies, agriculture, computer science, etc. in various languages such as Sanskrit, Marathi, Hindi, English, Bengali, etc.

  • 1932: The beginning of the library in a small room with only 50 books; some of these books were purchased, and others were collected.
  • 1936 According to Srimat Swami Bhaskareshwaranandaji's report, the number of books in the library reached 2597. Besides these books, there were periodicals, of which 11 were monthly, 9 weekly, 2 bi-weekly, 3 tri-weeklies, and one quarterly. Priority was given to English, Marathi, Hindi, Bengali, and Sanskrit books and periodicals. There were four newspapers. According to the report, the total number of library members was 277, out of which 90 were exempted from paying fees.
  • 1953: As the number of books and members increased to a great extent, the need for a separate building for the library was felt acutely. A plot of land in the close vicinity of the Ashrama was quite suitable for the construction of the library building. As the said land belonged to Central Jail, the state government was approached to procure the land. The then Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Shri Ravishankar Shukla, used his authority to make it available to the Ashrama. Grants for the construction of the library building and also for the purchase of books were received both from the state and central governments. Some of the grants from the central government remained unutilized, so the said amount was returned to the respective government. This action of the Ashrama was very much appreciated by the then-Central Minister for Education, Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad.
  • 1959: A two-story building was constructed on the land purchased by Math. The library and reading room have been shifted to this building. It was inaugurated by then Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Sri Yashwantraoji Chauhan. Revered Swami Sambuddhanandaji Maharaj, President of Ramakrishna Math, Mumbai, was the Chief Guest of the function. 2006 The total number of books in the library rose to 46934. These include books in English, Marathi, Hindi, Bengali, Sanskrit, and a few other languages on subjects like Religion, Philosophy, Language and Literature, Biology, Science, Social Sciences, Education, Art and Culture, etc. These include reference books as well. There are many periodicals, some of which are from foreign countries. The total number of members is 1500. In the Reading Hall, there are 25 newspapers and 97 periodicals. About 125 people visit the reading hall to read newspapers and periodicals. The library remains open in the morning as well as in the evening for five hours. Most of those who take advantage of the reference books are teachers and students.

Library-in-charge over the years:

 Sr. No NamesFromTo
 1Swami Rakananda Ji 1932 1958
 2Swami Bhumananda Ji 1958 1962
 3Swami Vidananda Ji 1962 1967
 4Swami Balaramananda Ji 1967 1970
 5Swami Pitambarananda Ji 1970 1978
 6Swami Vagishwarananda Ji 1978 1986
 7Swami Videhananda Ji 1986 1990
 8Swami Jyotiratmananda Ji 1990 2003
 9Swami Trambakananda Ji 2003 2006
 10Swami Tannisthananda Ji 2006  -

Silent Features

1. At present, the library has 1333 members. There are two separate study rooms for ladies and gents in this library.

2. There is a free reading hall on the first floor, which provides one hundred sixty-two periodicals and newspapers to the readers.

3. Old Card System as well as computer search

4. It is not open-access Library

5. Dedicated staff and volunteers to help

6. Book renewal facility on Mobile 

7. Around 60,000 books

8. It is a General library and not only text-book library

9. Students doing PhD or research prefer our library

10. A wide range of book collection

11. Affordable fee and refundable deposit

Information and Basic Instructions

1. Membership Refundable Deposit: Rs. 230/- 

   Annual Subscription Fee: Rs. 200/-

2. To become a member, one should be resident of Nagpur

3. An introduction from two members or Nagpur doctors or chartered accountants with their own rubber stamps, or from any person approved by the Librarian.

4. There are three types of books: ordinary, special, and reference.

A member can issue two ordinary books or one special book for 15 days. Reference books are not issued.

5. The Xeroxing of the book is not allowed to protect the book from damage while Xeroxing.

6. Books are available in English, Marathi, Hindi, Sanskrit, Bengali, and others.

7. Classification of Books: Catalogue

8. ARTS (AR)



Ramakrishna Ashrama Marg

Dhantoli, Nagpur, 440 012 (MS)
Phone: +91 86007 33982

Email : rkmnlib@gmail.com


All days except Thursday (Thursday Closed).

Morning: 8:00 to 10:30

Evening: 5:00 to 7:30